Homemade Food

Just like Mom made it

It starts with the ingredients…

  • Our produce and seafood are delivered to us fresh every day. This means our tomato sauce, crisp salads and your favorite sandwich toppings are made from the finest ingredients. And your seafood dinner is our catch of the day.
  • Our sauce is handcrafted from ripe, juicy tomatoes, fresh herbs and fragrant garlic. And it’s made from scratch by Uncle Arthur every day.
  • Pizza dough is mixed and hand stretched daily, so your favorite toppings sit on the freshest, tastiest dough.
  • Our sandwiches and salads are made to order.
  • Our homemade specialties and desserts are made from scratch using quality ingredients, crafted from recipes passed down from generations. This includes our spinach pie, pastichio (Greek lasagna) and baklava.
  • Our tender steak tips and juicy chicken kabobs are bathed in house-crafted marinades, infused with flavor and then charbroiled to perfection.
  • Our portion sizes are generous to satisfy the hungriest of appetites.
  • Our hot and fresh homemade soup is prepared daily using quality ingredients. Be sure to call for our Soup of the Day!